Supplier Page

Teck strives to work with suppliers and business partners who share our core values and demonstrate a commitment to business ethics, health, safety and the environment, and human rights.  

We rely on an international network of suppliers to provide the products, materials and goods needed to support our operations. These include mining equipment and spare parts, tires, fuel and lubricants, explosives, electricity, operating materials and consumables, and chemicals for processing. 

All suppliers are required to follow our Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors, which builds on our Code of Ethics, our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance Policy and Interpretation Guide, our Code of Sustainable Conduct, our Indigenous Peoples Policy and our Human Rights Policy.

The qualification of all suppliers involves examining whether a supplier meets or exceeds our minimum standards as a condition to supplying products and services to Teck. This screens out the suppliers who are unable or unwilling to meet our requirements as outlined in our Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors. 

Where possible, we work to maximize the positive impacts of mining, including local and Indigenous procurement. In 2023, 53 per cent of procurement spend was with local suppliers, and approximately $388 million was spent with suppliers who self-identified as Indigenous. 

Doing What’s Right

We encourage suppliers and all potentially affected stakeholders in our operations and supply chain to speak up about any issue or action that may not comply with Teck’s Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors or our other policies.

A toll-free 24-hour hotline and website, administered by an independent company, is available to suppliers, contractors, workers in the supply chain and other third parties to report issues or violations without retaliation. All information received is managed securely and confidentially.  

Suppliers are expected to communicate the channel of reporting to their own stakeholders and to guarantee reporters are free from retaliation. 

Doing What’s Right Website:

Doing What’s Right Hotline Numbers: 

  • Canada and U.S.: 1.800.461.9330 
  • Chile: 1230.020.3559 
  • All other countries: Visit and search for your country in the drop-down menu under ‘Call Us’. If your country is not listed, dial 1.720.541.4400 (place a collect call).