Teck is actively exploring and evaluating opportunities in over a dozen countries worldwide with a focus on the Americas and strategic belts in Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa.

About Exploration

We have a long history of exploration discoveries and mine development and our team of professionals is recognized around the world as industry leaders. We pride ourselves on being a “partner of choice” for exploration opportunities of all stages and our history of exploration successes places us among the world’s best.

Exploration plays three critical roles at Teck, delivering value in both greenfield new sites and brownfield existing (mine sites) environments:

  1. Pursuit, evaluation and acquisition of quality opportunities;
  2. Discovery of new orebodies through early stage exploration;
  3. Delivery of geoscience solutions and services to create value at our existing mines and in the brownfield environment.

Our exploration efforts are primarily focused on copper, zinc, nickel, gold and steelmaking coal in support of the company’s operations and business units. Strategic opportunities in other metals and high-margin mineral commodities are also being actively pursued.

  • Copper exploration is focused in the Americas and select belts globally for both porphyry copper and sediment hosted copper
  • Zinc exploration includes projects in the vicinity of our Red Dog mine in Alaska as well as in Canada, Australia and Ireland with a focus on sediment and carbonate hosted deposits
  • Nickel exploration is focused on evaluating opportunities in Canada and the USA and select belts and frontier districts globally
  • Gold exploration is directed to creating and realizing value through the development of gold resources in the Americas, Turkey and select belts globally
  • Exploration for steelmaking coal is directed at opportunities in and around our existing operations and projects as well as monitoring opportunities globally

Our success in exploration requires a commitment to building strong relationships with communities and undertaking responsible environmental stewardship.

Our policy requires that our overseas activities meet or exceed the applicable North American standards.

With a global exploration presence, Teck is seeking the best opportunities around the world. We welcome the opportunity to partner and participate in your projects.

Management Team

Teck has a strong team of exploration professionals focused on finding new mines. We assess the potential of every opportunity presented, regardless of the stage of exploration. If you are interested in partnering with us, we are interested in hearing from you.

Global Leadership

  • Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Exploration: Nic Hooper
  • Vice President, Exploration: Stuart McCracken
  • Acting Director, Geoscience Services: Russell Turner
  • Director, Exploration - Americas: Michael Buchanan
  • Director, Exploration - Europe & Australasia: Chad Hewson
  • Director, Global Project Generation, Exploration: Nick Hayward
  • Director, Global Evaluations: Lucas Marshall
  • Director, Exploration - Global Commercial: Peter Waignein
  • Director, HSEC, Exploration and Project Development: Robert Peter
  • Manager, Global Business Administration, Exploration: Karen-Jane Weir 
  • Manager, HR, Exploration, Projects & Technical Services: Tanya McCarthy

The Americas

  • Manager, Geoscience, Coal: Russell Turner
  • Manager, Exploration - Canada/USA: Victoria Sterritt
  • Manager, Exploration - Peru: Miguel Arenas
  • Manager, Exploration - Chile: Klaus Heppe

Europe, Asia, Australasia

  • Technical Lead - Ireland: Conor Moynihan
  • Manager, Finance and Administration - Ireland: Sean O'Shea
  • Manager, Exploration - Turkey: Nuri Ceyhan
  • Manager, Exploration - Australia: Andrea Reed

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