Climate Advocacy and Governance


We address climate-related risks and opportunities through a robust governance model that includes Board and Management oversight and processes.

Our Board of Directors provides oversight on all strategy matters including the risks and opportunities to our business associated with climate change. Our Senior Management Team establishes priorities and direction for environmental programs and monitors climate-related issues and progress against targets.

Our Safety and Sustainability Committee works with the Board to review recommendations and share policy on a range of areas related to climate change. Our Board also engages with the investor community through organizations such as Climate Action 100+.

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View Climate Change Policy

View Climate Change Policy
Download Teck’s Climate Change Policy to learn more about our commitments to climate action.

View Climate Change Outlook 2021

View Climate Change Outlook 2021
Download Climate Change Outlook 2021, Teck’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)-aligned report.

View Industry Associations Review Report

View Industry Associations Review Report
Download Teck’s Review of Industry Associations’ Climate Change Positions and Actions 2021-22.

Compensation and climate change

We integrate climate change performance into executive compensation across several areas. Additionally, sustainability performance, which includes climate change, is tied to approximately 10%–20% of bonuses across the organization. 

Capital allocation and climate change

We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at our operations and throughout our value chain, and we will do this by integrating climate change considerations into how we allocate capital investment. To help meet our greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and other strategic priorities, we are enhancing our Capital Allocations Framework to include our climate action strategy.

Risk Management

We draw on a broad range of experts to consider all relevant climate-related risks, including regulations, legal considerations, physical risks—and more. 

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Data and Management Approach

Download our Data and Management Approach.

Climate Advocacy

We believe action must be taken across all areas of society and the economy to address climate change. To do our part, we actively engage with governments and industry associations to affect policies. We also support the Paris Agreement and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, which works to integrate a carbon tax system that levels the playing field between jurisdictions by creating an incentive to attain lower emissions. 

Carbon pricing

Since 2008, we have advocated for carbon pricing policies. The majority of our business is already covered by a carbon price, while many of our competitors do not currently pay carbon costs. This makes us better positioned to minimize future carbon cost increases when compared to our peers. 

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