Person in safety gear conducting a survey in a forested area with autumn foliage.

Policies and Commitments

​Our commitments are shaped by internal policies and procedures that outline our approach to sustainability, as well as external sustainability-related initiatives and regulatory requirements.

Our Values

Our values guide every decision we make as a company and as individual employees. They describe what is most important to us, and set the bar for how we behave in our interactions with society, with our business partners and with one another.

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Our Policies​

We are committed to responsible business practices in all aspects of our activities. The Safety and Sustainability (S&S) Committee of the Board of Directors provides policy direction and monitors the Company’s environmental, social and safety performance. The Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC), chaired by the CEO, is a senior management committee that sets priorities and direction for sustainability programs and tracks performance.

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Group of children in white t-shirts running outdoors on a sunny day.

Global Citizenship

Teck is working to promote best practices in our industry and to help improve the lives of people around the world through initiatives such as our Zinc & Health and Copper & Health programs. We are also helping to support progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Awards and Indices

Teck has been recognized as a world leader in sustainability and responsible resource development in several indices and through awards for our sustainability and safety performance.

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Miner at Highland Valley Copper

Memberships and Partnerships

​We are members of numerous industry associations that provide a platform for advancing sustainability. Our involvement with these associations provides us with guidance and opportunities to share best practices and contribute to industry standards, enabling us to evolve with the best sustainability practices in our industry.