Community Investment

Teck is committed to helping build healthy, vibrant communities in the areas where we operate. Through Teck’s community investment program, we contribute to charitable organizations, institutions and initiatives that strengthen communities.

Our Approach to Community Investment

Teck recognizes that the well-being of our communities is fundamental to the long-term success of the company. As such, Teck is committed to maximizing its investments in communities to foster trusted relationships and resilient, thriving communities in collaboration with the people that live in the areas where we operate. Through Teck’s Community Investment Program, we invest in organizations and initiatives that create shared value, support sustainable development, and focus on shared strategic outcomes that help advance the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, consistent with Teck’s Community Investment Program Framework.

Community Investment Program Pillars

Focus: programs and initiatives that improve the status of health and mental health in a community. This may include improved child and maternal health outcomes, access to healthcare and mental healthcare services, programs that foster well-being and connectedness, capacity-building, or reductions in disease prevalence, health-related disaster relief, and research in support of the above.

Focus: programs and initiatives designed to enhance social and economic resilience and access to educational and training opportunities, especially for marginalized groups. This may include poverty reduction, capabilities for economic participation, improvement of livelihoods, support for business development and mentorship, chambers of commerce, community organization capacity building, small-scale agriculture or subsistence activities, early childhood education, secondary school completion, life-long learning, access to education critical for the work of the future, and support for institutions of technical training and higher education, as well as initiatives that encourage awareness of the importance of mining and metals in society.

Focus: programs and initiatives designed to support ecosystem resilience and biodiversity. This focus may include freshwater ecosystem restoration, wetlands protection, enhancement of fish and wildlife habitats, conservation of flora and fauna, climate resilience (including related emergency preparedness), and alternative energy. 

The Application Process

All applications must be received through our online application system. Applications are accepted throughout the year. We thank you for your interest in submitting a funding request. Teck donates approximately 1% of our annual pre-tax earnings on a five-year rolling average basis. Teck is focusing its limited resources on opportunities that are most aligned with our priorities, particularly in those communities where we have operations. Apply Now.

Team Teck Community Giving

Teck supports a culture of giving back by supporting employees’ community investments. Employees can increase the impact of their personal donations to community organizations of their choice with equivalent contributions from Teck, including for disaster relief contributions. In 2019, the Team Teck Community Giving program supported more than 130 different organizations.

Community Investment Contributions at a Glance