Other Metals

Teck is a world leader in the production of lead and a significant producer of specialty metals such as germanium, indium and cadmium. Teck also produces and markets gold dore and silver. Teck is committed to responsibly providing products that are essential to building a better quality of life for people around the world.


We produce lead at Red Dog Operations and refine it at Trail Operations. Lead is used to make lead-acid batteries. These batteries power cars, including electric and hybrid vehicles, and are used in energy storage for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Lead is also used in radiation shielding and to protect underwater power and communications cables.

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We produce molybdenum at our copper operations, including Highland Valley Copper and Antamina. Molybdenum is used in metallurgical applications, such as alloys and as a compound in chemical applications.

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Teck produces high purity lead metal (99.99%) and lead metal alloys. Our primary lead and lead alloys are available in jumbo and pig bundle. Teck lead is a registered brand on the London Metal Exchange, and we have a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

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Specialty Metals

Teck is one of the world’s largest integrated germanium producers. Germanium-bearing concentrates are processed at our integrated lead/zinc refinery in Trail. We produce a wide offering of high quality germanium products, many of which have been developed in conjunction with our customers. Teck maintains a Quality Management System for Germanium Products that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Teck supplies the following grades of germanium:

  • Germanium Dioxide (GeO₂):
  • Technical Grade GeO₂ powder
  • Fast Dissolving Grade GeO₂ powder
  • Germanium Tetrachloride (GeCl₄):
  • Fibre Optic Grade GeCl₄

Germanium- based PET Catalyst Solution:

  • TGO Solution

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Teck is one of the world’s largest integrated indium producers. Indium is produced as a co-product of the zinc smelting process at our integrated refinery in Trail. Teck produces 99.995% minimum purity indium metal. We have expanded our production capability to meet the growing demands of indium-tin-oxide (ITO) manufacturers. Teck maintains a Quality Management System for indium that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Teck supplies indium ingots in 1kg, 3kg and 10kg bars to meet your requirements.

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Cadmium is produced as a co-product of our zinc smelting and refining process. Teck produces high purity (99.999%) cadmium in both sticks and billets. These high purity products are primarily supplied to the battery industry for nickel-cadmium applications.

Teck produces 925 g (2 lb) cadmium sticks that are packaged into 666 kg (1,468 lb) bags to simplify transportation and customer storage. This product was designed for ease of handling and to facilitate accurate feed supply to our customers’ production processes.

Teck produces 125 kg (275 lb) billets that are packaged into 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) crates. Each crate contains 12 billets.

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Precious Metals

Teck produces and markets silver. We are a listed producer with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). We refine silver at our Trail Operations in British Columbia. Precious metals are co-products of the lead smelting process. Teck produces 1,050 troy oz (32.66 kg) silver bars. The standard grade is 999.9 points fine (99.99%).

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Teck produces and markets gold doré bars. Teck refines gold doré at our Trail Operations in British Columbia. Precious metals are co-products of the lead smelting process.

Advanced Materials

Our low alpha lead and low alpha tin products are delivered at 99.99% purity with distinctively low impurities. We currently offer two levels of low alpha materials to meet industry standards and requirements:

  • Low Alpha Grade: 0.01 count/cm2/hr
  • Ultra Low Alpha Grade: 0.002 count/cm2/hr

Teck’s ULA lead sources and ULA tin sources are refined to exceed semiconductor grade standards. A dedicated low alpha lead production facility was commissioned in 1998 to handle high volume manufacturing of low alpha lead products. Other processing features include:

  • Stringent material controls and handling procedures mitigate “alpha” contamination risks during manufacturing
  • Multiple alpha emission qualifications throughout product lifecycle to monitor product stability  
  • Material lot traceability available from mine to final product
  • All low and ultra-low alpha products are shipped with Teck’s certified alpha emission, quality and warranty

Product Features:

  • Evaporation Pellets
  • Pure Pb (100%) High Pb (90/10, 95/5)
  • Eutectic Solder (63Sn/37Pb)
  • Lead-Free Low Alpha Tin (99.99%SN)
  • Dedicated low alpha production equipment
  • Customized dimensions available

Plating Anodes

  • Custom or specialized anode design available to meet all plating tools
  • Pure Pb (100%), High Pb (90/10, 95/5)
  • Eutectic Solder (63Sn/37Pb)
  • Lead-Free Low Alpha Tin (99.99%SN)

Ingots & Bars

  • Alloyed Ingots & Bars to meet dimensional specifications
  • Unique compositions available upon request

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Teck produces high purity (99.99%) copper plating anodes for use in the semiconductor industry. We can source and produce anodes specific to customer requirements, and our experience in metal casting and engineering services supports development efforts and final product manufacturing.

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