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Kamloops is in the southern interior of British Columbia in the Thompson-Nicola region at the confluence of the North and South arms of the mighty Thompson River.  

Kamloops and its neighbouring communities are where our Highland Valley Copper employees typically live. 

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Fewer than four hours northeast of Vancouver and just 1.5 hours north of Kelowna, this small city sits amidst the dry rolling hills of the province’s interior and is home to a university (Thompson Rivers University) and a vibrant cultural scene centered around the Kamloops Art Gallery, Western Canada Theatre, the Kamloops Symphony and the Kamloops Museum and Archives. All four of these community organizations are supported thanks to the enthusiasm of residents. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, the semi-arid climate offers a unique change of scenery. More like a desert, the surrounding area features wide open grasslands, sagebrush, ponderosa pine forests and sandstone canyons, providing a wide variety of recreation options. Enjoy hiking, biking and fishing in the summer and, in winter, skiing at B.C.'s largest destination ski resort, Sun Peaks, just 56 km northeast of Kamloops. 



Rich in history, rustic beauty and friendly village charm, Ashcroft offers healthy, affordable living and many amenities for both the young and young at heart. Anything you can’t find in Ashcroft is just a short, 60-minute drive to the major urban centre of Kamloops. 

Life moves slower in Ashcroft, a gardener’s paradise with a rural vibe, easy winters and the perfect spots for refreshing dips in the mighty Thompson River on a hot summer’s day.  Ashcroft is a great place to live with a fabulous farmer’s market, fresh baking galore, and snow shoveling only about four times a year.



Merritt is the gateway to the Interior of British Columbia, boasting lots of sunshine and very little rain and snow. Merritt is a nature and outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise: rivers, lakes, creeks, and just a three-hour drive to five international airports!  

Merritt is also home to the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, where locals celebrate the arts and music through many festivals. 


Logan Lake

Logan Lake jumps off the canvas like its neighbouring communities—a picture-perfect town surrounded by rolling hills, calm lakes and rivers. Rich in community culture, business and amenities, Logan Lake offers excellent opportunities for families and individuals to thrive. Moderate climate, clean, healthy living, recreation and a low cost of living means Logan Lake is a great place for all. 

Logan Lake is young and founded on its mining roots. It’s a carefully planned community and home to Teck Highland Valley Copper. Kamloops, Merritt and Ashcroft are all located within an hour's drive, and Vancouver is just a three-hours away by car. 


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