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Cardinal River

Cardinal River

Cardinal River mine is a steelmaking coal mine located in west-central Alberta.

About Cardinal River

Cardinal River mine was a steelmaking coal mine located approximately 42 kilometers south of Hinton, Alberta.
The mine produced steelmaking coal for 51 years and ceased operations in June 2020. The site has transitioned into closure, with ongoing focus on post-closure reclamation.


Closure Survey Results

As part of Cardinal River mine’s engagement to inform its closure plans, a survey was conducted from November 2019 to January 2020. We heard the three values that are most important to those who provided feedback are:

  1. Loss of economic activity to the local and regional communities and economies;

  2. The need to return reclaimed land for public use;

  3. Environmental and conservation efforts.

Teck will continue to engage about Cardinal River mine’s closure and reclamation plans. The feedback guides and informs the development of these plans.

If you have questions or comments about the survey or about Cardinal River mine’s closure planning process, please contact Nicole Nicholas at Nicole.Nicholas@teck.com

Public Access

Teck provides information on the status of our mining operations, including public access. In order to ensure public safety, there are Designated Access Trails (DATs) in and around our Mineral Surface Leases (MSL). DATs provide safe access to areas popular with outdoor enthusiasts and are designated for Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use or non-motorized access (foot or equestrian). Public access maps are available online or from Cardinal River mine.

Environmental Management

We maintain an extensive series of environmental management systems with focused management plans in place for areas such as haul roads water management, selenium and wildlife. As Cardinal River mine moves into closure, plans will be updated to focus on reclamation and closure.

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