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Steelmaking Coal

We are the world's second-largest seaborne exporter of steelmaking coal, with six operations in Western Canada and significant high-quality steelmaking coal reserves.

Steelmaking Coal

There are different types of coal depending on their carbon content, calorific value and the amount of moisture present. Steelmaking coal – or metallurgical coal – is a higher grade coal which is a necessary component in the chemical reactions that transforms iron into steel. Steel is essential for building the critical infrastructure and the products that make our quality of life possible.

Teck's Steelmaking Coal Facts

6 The number

of steelmaking coal operations we actively mine

62 The percentage

of our gross profit, before depreciation and amortization, in 2018 that was from steelmaking coal

26.2 million

tonnes of steelmaking coal produced in 2018

26.0 million

tonnes of sales of steelmaking coal in 2018 to customers around the world

Where We Make It

  • Cardinal River
    Cardinal River Cardinal River Operations is a steelmaking coal operation located in west-central Alberta.
  • Coal Mountain
    Coal Mountain Coal Mountain Operations is one of Teck's five steelmaking coal operations located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Elkview
    Elkview Elkview Operations is one of our five steelmaking coal operations located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia.
  • Fording River
    Fording River Fording River Operations is one of our five steelmaking coal operations located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia.
  • Greenhills Operation
    Greenhills Operation Greenhills Operations is one of our five steelmaking coal operations located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia.
  • Line Creek
    Line Creek Line Creek Operations is one of our five steelmaking coal operations in the area located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia.

Steelmaking coal is...

an essential ingredient in the production of steel. Also called metallurgical or coking coal, it is necessary for building infrastructure such as rail, bridges and schools and improving the quality of life for people around the world. Steel and steelmaking coal used to make it are also required for everything from clean energy projects like wind or solar power to transportation alternatives like rapid transit, buses and hybrid vehicles.

Did you know?

​Approximately 170 tonnes of coal is needed to produce the steel in an average wind turbine. Read more about coal through the Coal Alliance.
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    Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with business units focused on copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy.