Quebrada Blanca Phase 2

Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 is a low-cost, long-life copper project being built by Teck and the project partners in northern Chile.


The Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 project is one of the largest undeveloped copper resources in the world. QB2 has an initial mine life of 27 years with significant potential for future growth. 
QB2 incorporates extensive environmental measures, including the first large-scale use of desalinated seawater for mining in Chile's Tarapacá Region. The QB2 project has also consulted extensively with local communities and will continue to work cooperatively with stakeholders throughout the life of the project.
Teck owns an indirect 60% interest in Compañía Minera Teck Quebrada Blanca SA ("QBSA"), the owner of QB2. Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. together with Sumitomo Corporation have a collective indirect 30% interest in QBSA. ENAMI, a Chilean state-owned company, has a 10% non-funding interest in QBSA.

QB2 Highlights



copper-equivalent annual production for the first 5 full years of production


expansion potential

only uses ~18% of total 2022 reserves and resources



initial mine life of a low-cost operation

Top 20

global Cu producer

Teck is currently in the top 20, with the potential to move into the top 10 with its copper growth options including QB2

QB2 Project Progress Gallery

Project Areas

The project is comprised of a mine area with a concentrator plant and tailings facility, utilities and port facilities.

Mine Area

The supergene orebody (near-surface deposit) was mined during the initial phase of Quebrada Blanca. QB2 will develop the deeper sulphide resource underlying the existing operation. As a result, QB2 is effectively pre-stripped, which greatly reduces project costs.

  • Initial 27-year mine life will use only ~18% of total 2022 reserves and resources
  • Maximum pit depth of 720 meters



Processing of copper ore, including crushing, milling, bulk flotation, thickening and filtering will occur in a new concentrator plant with a production capacity of 140,000 tonnes-per-day.

Tailings Facility

Mine tailings will be transported from the concentrator plant to the tailings facility. The facility will be built to industry-leading standards for safety and security to ensure safe management and storage.



Utilities constructed to service QB2 will include the concentrate and desalinated water transport systems, high-voltage power lines and access roads.

Port Facilities and Desalination Plant

QB2 will include the first large-scale use of desalinated seawater at a mining operation in the Tarapacá Region of Chile, in place of freshwater use. In addition, port facilities for loading mineral concentrate onto ships for transport to markets will be constructed.

Community Engagement

At Teck, we begin engaging with local communities on our projects well before construction begins. As such, we have been engaging and consulting with local communities in the QB2 project area since 2012. We are committed to continuing this ongoing engagement throughout the life of the project, and will also collaborate with communities to identify opportunities to support their objectives and create tangible benefits in the area where we operate.

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Environmental Impact Assessments

QB2 2021 GHG Emissions Data




Emissions (kTon CO2E)


Electricity (MWh)




Diesel (m3)