Quebrada Blanca Operations Overview

Quebrada Blanca Operations is a newly expanded, low-cost, long-life copper mine located in northern Chile.

Operations Overview

The QB operation is comprised of a mine area with a concentrator plant and tailings facility, utilities and port facilities.

Mine Area

The supergene orebody (near-surface deposit) was mined during the initial phase of Quebrada Blanca. The new, expanded QB is developing the deeper sulphide resource underlying the existing operation.



Processing of copper ore, including crushing, milling, bulk flotation, thickening and filtering occurs in a concentrator plant with a production capacity of 140,000 tonnes-per-day.


Tailings Facility

Mine tailings are transported from the concentrator plant to the tailings facility, which was built to industry-leading standards for safety and security to ensure safe management and storage.




Utilities constructed to service the operation include the concentrate and desalinated water transport systems, high-voltage power lines and access roads.


Desalination Plant and Port Facilities

QB includes the first large-scale use of desalinated seawater at a mining operation in the Tarapacá Region of Chile, in place of freshwater use. Mineral concentrate is loaded onto ships at Port facilities for transport to markets.