Quintette Project

Quintette is a steelmaking coal project, currently on care and maintenance, located in northeast British Columbia.

About Quintette

Quintette is located in northeast British Columbia, approximately 20 kilometres south of the town of Tumbler Ridge. The steelmaking coal mine had previously operated for nearly 18 years up until 2000.

In 2012, we completed a feasibility study to re-open Quintette. In 2013, we received a Mines Act Permit Amendment and, in 2014, we received all other required permits in order to restart the mine.

In 2014, we deferred the restart the Quintette project and placed the mine on care and maintenance due to unfavourable market conditions. The project is fully permitted and able to proceed once we see a sustained improvement in demand for steelmaking coal.

Our Stories


100-million-year-old ancient crocodile tracks uncovered at Teck project in British Columbia’s Peace Region.


The Klinse-Za caribou herd in northeastern B.C., whose current range resides approximately 110 kilometres northwest of our former Quintette Operations, has only about two dozen individuals left in the population due to decades of excessive predation and other factors. The most critical window for survival and proliferation of the herd is the spring when caribou females, known as cows, give birth.


Over the course of a four-year-long regulatory process for our Quintette project in northeastern British Columbia, we have been enhancing our relationship with the West Moberly First Nations (WMFN) by supporting meaningful community development initiatives.


The Quintette steelmaking coal mine, located in the Peace region of northeastern British Columbia, previously operated for a period of nearly 18 years, up until 2000. Since 2010, work has been conducted to prepare the site for a potential restart. The area is also home to the woodland caribou, which was designated a species at risk in Canada in 2002. The Quintette project was designed to minimize and mitigate our impact on the caribou. The creation of a caribou mitigation and monitoring plan (CMMP) was integral to this process.