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2016 Material Topics

The 16th annual Teck Sustainability Report covers the economic, social and environmental topics that were most important to our stakeholders and to our business in 2016.

2016 Material Topics


What is included in this topic?


Economic Performance and Contributions

Economic performance, direct and indirect economic impacts, generating economic value, payments to government, local hiring and procurement practices, community investment.

Our Workforce

Employee demographic profile, benefits, talent attraction, labour relations, retention, training and development, diversity and equal opportunity, non-discrimination, freedom of association, and collective bargaining.  

Business Ethics

Anti-corruption, public policy, compliance with laws and regulation (non-environmental), Code of Ethics.  

Mine Closure

Planned or actual closure and related impacts on workers, local communities and the environment.  


Health and Safety of Our Workforce

Management approach and performance of health and safety including occupational health and hygiene.  

Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

Management approach and performance related to our work with Indigenous Peoples including engagement, agreements, benefits and disputes.  


Community Engagement

Local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs; actual and potential impacts on local communities; disputes related to land or resource use of local communities; grievance mechanisms.  

Human Rights

Anticipating and preventing impacts on the human rights of the people foreseeably touched by our activities, particularly people in our supply chain and living near our operations.  

Product Impacts

Managing the actual and potential impacts of our products through product stewardship and materials stewardship.  

Emergency Preparedness

Preventing and being prepared to respond to emergencies.  


Tailings and Mine Waste Management Management approach and performance related to waste management, including the construction, operation and ongoing monitoring of the various health, safety and environmental risks and impacts associated with tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and waste rock facilities.  

Water Management

Approach to water management, water-related risks, and performance related to our water balance (total water withdrawal and discharge by source); water uses and proportion of reuse and recycle.  

Air Quality

Emissions and air quality control at our operations and in the transportation of our products. Includes ambient air quality and emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2).  

Energy and Climate Change

Energy (fuel and electricity consumption and costs, energy intensity, energy-efficiency initiatives), climate risks and emissions (greenhouse gas emissions and other gas emissions). 


Includes discussions of management approach and performance related to anticipating and minimizing impacts on species and ecosystems, as well as our approach and performance regarding remediation.  

Environmental Management

Overall day-to-day environmental management, including total environmental expenditure, compliance with environmental regulations, compliance with permits, supplier environmental assessments, and transportation. 

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Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with business units focused on copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy.