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2017 Sustainability Report

The 17th annual Sustainability Report details how we are operationalizing our sustainability visions in order to reach short-term sustainability goals to 2020, and long-term goals to 2030.

About This Report

Teck’s 2017 Sustainability Report marks our 17th year of annual reporting on the economic, social and environmental topics that are most material to our stakeholders and to our business. Available in English and Spanish, our report is in Core accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and G4 Mining and Metals Sector Disclosures, and is aligned with the principles of integrated reporting. Our 2017 Annual Report provides further detail on our financial and operational performance.

This report contains a comprehensive overview of our sustainability strategy, including a summary of progress towards achieving our short-term goals to 2020 in the areas of Community, Water, Our People, Biodiversity, Energy and Climate Change, and Air. This report also describes how sustainability is integrated into identifying and managing risks and opportunities in the course of our business activities. Written for a range of audiences, from investors to industry peers to residents near our operations, this report is focused on providing balanced and relevant information.

This report has been reviewed and approved by Teck's senior management team and Board of Directors. 

Business and Sustainability

  • Approach to Business and Sustainability
    Approach to Business and Sustainability Our corporate strategy is focused on exploring for, developing, acquiring and operating world-class, long-life assets in stable jurisdictions that operate through multiple commodity price cycles.
  • Managing Sustainability in Our Value Chain
    Managing Sustainability in Our Value Chain Teck procures goods and services that support large-scale mining and refining operations, such as mobile equipment, machinery, fuel and lubricants, explosives, and a range of other products and services.
  • Engaging with Stakeholders and Indigenous Peoples
    Engaging with Stakeholders and Indigenous Peoples Engagement with our stakeholders — from local communities and Indigenous Peoples to investors and customers — helps to enhance our mutual understanding of interests, concerns and aspirations, and helps to strengthen relationships throughout the mining life cycle.

Message from the CEO

Despite our strong performance in 2017, we know there is more work to be done to advance our sustainability strategy in a changing world. This is reflected in the theme of our 2017 Sustainability Report, Horizons. As we look to the future, we are focused on continually improving our performance and building on our contributions to making a better world. Read more

A Conversation with Marcia Smith: Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs

Mining is a transformative business, which gives us the ability as individuals and as a company to change our world for the better. The materials we produce – copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy – are the building blocks of society, and contribute to a better quality of life for people around the world. Read more

Material Topics

  • Relationships with Communities
    Relationships with Communities Local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs, grievance and feedback mechanisms, and community investment.
  • Water Stewardship
    Water Stewardship Water management, water-related risks, and performance related to total and new water use, water recycled and reused, water intensity, a company-wide water balance.
  • Energy and Climate Change
    Energy and Climate Change Energy use and efficiency initiatives, climate change-related risks, carbon pricing and greenhouse gas emissions, climate policies and regulations.
  • Relationships with Indigenous Peoples
    Relationships with Indigenous Peoples Recognizing and respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples, negotiating agreements, procurement and community investment as well as relevant policies, procedures, management practices and systems.
  • Health and Safety
    Health and Safety Building a positive culture of safety, high-potential risk control, and occupational health and hygiene, and our safety performance against leading and lagging indicators
  • Tailings, Waste and Environmental Management
    Tailings, Waste and Environmental Management Our tailings and waste management and performance; environmental compliance; significant environmental incidents; our involvement in environmental litigation, fines and penalties; and our progress on permits and approvals.
  • Diversity and Employee Relations
    Diversity and Employee Relations How we manage diversity and employee relations, global workforce demographic profile, work in labour relations, talent attraction, retention, training and development, diversity and equal opportunity, and non-discrimination.
  • Business Ethics
    Business Ethics Anti-corruption, public policy, compliance with laws and regulation (non-environmental), and Code of Ethics.
  • Biodiversity and Reclamation
    Biodiversity and Reclamation Includes discussions of management approach and performance related to anticipating and minimizing impacts on species and ecosystems, as well as our approach and performance regarding remediation.
  • Air Quality
    Air Quality Emissions and air quality control at our operations and in the transportation of our products. Includes ambient air quality and emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2).
  • Human Rights
    Human Rights Anticipating and preventing impacts on the human rights of the people foreseeably touched by our activities, particularly people in our supply chain and living near our operations.
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Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with business units focused on copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy.