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All-Gender Washrooms and Dry Facilities at Greenhills Operations

March 14, 2023

The team outside the all-gender dry at GHO general office. From left to right: Analie Ramage (Lead, Operating Excellence), Layne Greenwood (Supervisor, Maintenance), Moatasm Almaouie (Engineer in Training), Jeff Mcrae (Specialist, Operational Readiness), and Robyn Feltin (Superintendent, Human Resources).


Teck is committed to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace that recognizes and values all employees, where everyone is treated fairly with dignity and respect. At the general office of our Greenhills Operations (GHO) in the Elk Valley, we opened a new washroom and dry facility to employees and visitors of all gender identities. These new facilities support Teck’s values and commitment to building an inclusive and respectful workplace. 

Developing the New Facilities

At GHO, the new all-gender dry facility and washroom was created to accommodate current and future employees who prefer a gender inclusive space. Designed with a focus on inclusivity, safety, privacy and industry leading practice, the new spaces ensure we have inclusive areas for employees of any gender identity.

An all-gender washroom is a washroom equipped with multiple stalls that is available for use by anyone, regardless of gender identity or expression. A dry facility is a space for employees who work onsite to shower and change into and out of their work clothes, when arriving or leaving work. These new spaces were designed in addition to the already existing male/female washrooms, so that individuals can utilize the washroom with which they feel most comfortable.

The facility was designed in consultation with BC Pride, Fernie Pride Society and Egale, Canada’s leading organization for 2SLGBTQI people and issues. The Teck team also worked closely with  our partner, Pride at Work. Consultation included sharing blueprints, incorporating feedback and on-going dialogue on best practice. 

Moatasm Almaouie, an Engineer in Training at GHO who spearheaded the project, says: “It was important to us that inclusivity, safety, privacy, and industry best practices were at the heart of our design. To that end, our design process was guided by engagement with our workforce as well as local and national advisory groups.”

Impact of the New Facilities 

Having access to a secure washroom and changeroom is a basic right for all people, and gender-inclusive facilities provide a safer and more welcoming space for trans and non-binary people. 

“The all-gender dry facility was built at GHO as a way to allow us to continue caring for the people and communities that we love, by providing facilities for employees of any gender identity,” says Moatasm. 

In addition to the new facility at the general office of GHO, our Line Creek and Elkview Operations in the Elk Valley have also developed all-gender washroom and dry facilities. These developments support a diverse, safe and engaged workforce through purpose-built inclusive facilities designed proactively with input from employees and community advisor groups. 

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First Published on March 14, 2023