Digital Bird’s Eye View: Virtual Mines Create Real Value

April 12, 2018

Exploring and planning for a new mine generates enormous amounts of data – geology, drill hole information, infrastructure plans, and much more. Normally much of this information exists solely on paper and spreadsheets until it is eventually transcribed or digitized. Typically that data is accessible to a limited audience and only by specialized software. But now, we have the ability to use virtual reality to build entire operations and travel through every stage of the mine life without even leaving the office.

Teck has partnered with Victoria-based technology company LlamaZOO Interactive to create “virtual twins” for mine planning and community engagement for our projects. The immersive virtual reality experience brings people to the site without having to travel there and allows them to see aspects of the proposed mine that you couldn’t otherwise see.

During a virtual tour, users can fly over the site to view land holdings, geological models, existing and planned facilities, infrastructure that needs to be built and the scale of it, and topography of the mine site and surrounding area. Users can also advance through the different phases of mine development during the virtual tour, including the post-closure and reclamation landscape. And the ore body itself – hidden deep underground – can be fully viewed in three dimensions.

Virtual reality is helping our stakeholders to better understand proposed projects and associated reclamation and mitigation measures. It is also helping to enhance mine planning, from productivity to environmental measures, and support reclamation planning.

We’re putting ideas like virtual reality for community engagement and project planning to work across our operations. Learn more about our approach to innovation and technology.


First Published on April 12, 2018