Partnering to Maintain and Protect Outdoor Recreation Near Cardinal River Operations

April 25, 2017

The foothills near our Cardinal River Operations in Alberta are home to vast forested terrain, spectacular lakes and local wildlife. Rich in recreational opportunities such as camping, hiking and fishing, this natural habitat is greatly valued by locals and visitors alike.

The Foothills Recreation Management Association (FRMA), a group of companies and organizations, including Teck, assists in providing recreational opportunities in this region. The FRMA is committed to providing safe and affordable outdoor recreation opportunities through management of 15 campgrounds and eight trail systems in the foothills area near the communities of Hinton, Edson, Robb, Cadomin and Brule, Alberta. Teck has been a proud supporter of the FRMA for over a decade and in 2011 became a main partner through a multi-year community investment.

“Collaborating with Teck through the FRMA has helped to protect and preserve an incredible region for everyone to enjoy,” said Aaron Jones, West Fraser Timber, founding company of FRMA. “The majority of campsites maintained through the FRMA are in provincial parks, and through some sites, visitors can access Jasper National Park.” 

Protecting our Natural Environments in Partnership with Indigenous Peoples

The FRMA campgrounds and trails are managed by the Fox Creek Development Corporation, an Indigenous-owned and -operated not-for-profit company committed to creating and maintaining jobs for Indigenous Peoples (treaty, non-treaty and Métis) in the Hinton area. This group, which has been involved in environmental protection since the 1970s, has partnered with FRMA from its inception. 

The Fox Creek Development Corporation ensures that the natural environment is protected long into the future. A key mission of the group is to reduce unregistered camping in the Alberta foothills, which also reduces the risk of forest fires, outdoor waste and environmental damage. 

Fox Creek is not only contributing to the area’s environmental stewardship, but is also a self-sustaining association, as they are not reliant on Teck’s support of FRMA to continue providing jobs and opportunities to its employees.
Community Values are Teck’s Values

FRMA provides a unique opportunity to promote environmental conservation that sustains recreational values and provides direct benefits through employment to local Indigenous Peoples. Teck’s support of initiatives such as these are essential activities for our business to be a welcome neighbour in the areas where we operate. 

“Cardinal River Operations’ partnership with FRMA is natural. FRMA aligns with our values, including respecting the social values in the areas where we operate and providing benefits to Indigenous Peoples” said Lisa Jones, Senior Coordinator, Community and Aboriginal Affairs, Cardinal River Operations. “Protecting the environment, supporting community values and Indigenous Peoples are key components of our approach to sustainability — this program really represents sustainability in action.”  

This region is highly valued for its recreational use and we recognize that we are using lands nearby to mine, which can present potential impacts. That’s why we work hard to mitigate those impacts and have a net positive impact in the region through our support of FRMA and other activities. 


First Published on April 25, 2017