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Our People

Teck Employees ‘Take 5’ for Safety

Teck Employees ‘Take 5’ for Safety

Individual risk assessments have an important role to play in identifying high-potential risks. 

The Take 5 personal safety planning tool currently in use at our steelmaking coal operations is an example of an individual-level risk assessment that is helping employees form the habit of taking the time to assess workplace risks before they begin a task.

When they complete a Take 5, employees ask themselves a series of questions under five prompts:

  1. Stop
    • Am I clear on what the task is? 
    • Do I have the required skills and training?
    • Is this task routine? 
  2. Think
    • Do I need a permit? 
    • Could work conditions change that may introduce new High-Potential Risks during the task?
    • Are there other workers involved/introduced who are unfamiliar to the task?
    • Could my task seriously injure myself or other people?
  3. Observe
    • What High-Potential Risks may I encounter in my work environmental or as I undertake this task?
  4. Plan
    • How will I control the High-Potential Risks?
  5. Proceed Safely
    • Does this task feel right to do now?

If yes, proceed. If no, do not commence task and contact supervisors if effective controls are not in place. 


First Published on April 27, 2016

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