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Supporting Indigenous Students in Canada

Supporting Indigenous Students in Canada

Teck uses targeted community investments to support Indigenous Peoples at a local, regional and national level, and demonstrates our commitment to working with Indigenous communities to achieve self-defined goals that provide lasting benefits.

An example of this is our funding of the Teck Canadian Aboriginal Bursary through Indspire, a national charity created by and for Aboriginal people in Canada. 

Established in 2012, the Teck Canadian Aboriginal Bursary Award is part of Teck’s commitment to developing long-term relationships with Indigenous Peoples in the areas where we operate, and to building capacity in order to support the economic development of communities and Indigenous Peoples. Since inception, more than 19 post-secondary students from across the country have received this bursary. 

Once example is Jamie Davignon, an Environmental Engineering student at the University of Northern British Columbia and recent recipient of the Teck Canadian Aboriginal Bursary. A member of the Tahltan Nation, an Indigenous group near Teck’s Galore Creek project, Jamie recently graduated and is working as a junior engineer-in-training.

Why did you choose to study Environmental Engineering? 
I wanted a career in a field that was constantly changing so that I can keep learning year after year. I also wanted a career that would allow me to work outside and travel the world. That’s why I decided to study environmental engineering, which involves several disciplines, like civil and chemical engineering, and includes everything from waste treatment to clean energy assessments. 
What are your career goals? 
In the next few years, I plan to work towards earning my Professional Engineer designation, commonly known as the P.Eng., and work in different countries. Eventually, I hope to start my own consulting company in my hometown of Whitehorse.
What does being a recipient of the Teck Canadian Aboriginal Bursary mean to you? 
It means a lot to me to be able to represent Aboriginal women, especially in the field of engineering, as a bursary recipient. The Teck Canadian Aboriginal Bursary has allowed me to focus on my studies and enjoy my time at university without having to work part-time or worry about making ends meet.
Why do you think it is important for companies like Teck to support students through Indspire?  
From my experience, many Aboriginal students depend on funding through organizations like Indspire to be able to study and live in major cities. Working during the semester is very difficult, if not impossible, depending on course schedules.


First Published on April 27, 2016

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