Working with Indigenous Peoples at our Quintette Project

August 28, 2014

Over the course of a four-year-long regulatory process for our Quintette project in northeastern British Columbia, we have been enhancing our relationship with the West Moberly First Nations (WMFN) by supporting meaningful community development initiatives.

In one such example, the WMFN expressed a desire to create a way to preserve their culture. This led to our funding the creation of Storyscapes, an online database that celebrates the Nation’s heritage. The database helps archive, transfer and share WMFN traditional knowledge by featuring photography, video and stories on the internet and the community’s first-ever mobile application.

WMFN was particularly excited about engaging its youth about its history with the new web-based platform. In fact, the work associated with populating the site and improving it can now be a part of the community’s local education curriculum. The site also allows WMFN to create awareness about their history through more modern means that will help dispel some outdated perceptions about First Nations.

It also allows prospective developers to prepare for business with WMFN, saving time and energy by providing insight into their culture and providing a foundation upon which a relationship can be built.

First Published on August 28, 2014