Sustainable Development

The success of our business is dependent on our ability to create value in a way that meets the needs of the company, our shareholders, communities and stakeholders while accounting for the broader environmental, social and economic context in which Teck operates. This requires us to understand the evolving global environment and to take an integrated approach to identifying and managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

Our Code of Sustainable Conduct outlines our support of sustainable development and acceptance of our obligation to constantly improve our methods of extracting the world’s resources to the benefit of our stakeholders. Our corporate strategy is also guided by our Human Rights Policy, Indigenous Peoples Policy and Code of Ethics, which outline sustainable development principles while carrying out our operations.

Through responsible supply management, our objective is to ensure that we minimize our potential impacts on people and on the environment, and that we manage business and reputation risks while capitalizing on opportunities. See our Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors for more information on our supply chain management.

We take into consideration external standards and best practices in our governance of sustainability. Through our membership and involvement with several external organizations, we are able to contribute to and engage with others on the development of best practice in areas of sustainability performance and global sustainability trends. A full list of Teck’s memberships and partnerships is available on our website.

Our work in this area is externally verified by an independent third-party every year. Learn more in our sustainability report.