Responsible Production

Teck provides key commodities required for sustainable products and infrastructure, which are durable and naturally recyclable. Teck is working to reduce waste and pollution, keep products in use and help to improve the natural environment where we operate.

Responsible Production andour Sustainability Strategy

Responsible production is one of our eight strategic themes along with: health and safety, climate change, our people, water, tailings management, communities and Indigenous Peoples, and biodiversity and reclamation. Our sustainability strategy has long-term strategic priorities and shorter-term sustainability goals.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Be a leader in responsibly providing the metals and minerals needed for the transition to an economy focused on reducing waste and keeping products in use
  • Work towards disposing zero industrial waste by 2040


  • By 2025, establish site-based industrial waste inventories and plans to turn waste into useful and appropriate products. Based on these inventories and plans, set goals for industrial waste reduction.
  • By 2025, develop and implement a responsible producer program and "product passport" that is traceable through the value chain.
  • Be a leader in product stewardship by continuing to implement our Materials Stewardship program and produce secondary metals at our Trail Operations.
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Management and Performance In Responsible Production

Our management approach, annual performance, and data related to responsible production; waste management;  managing product impacts through materiality stewardship; and responding to regulatory requirements and customer expectations.


Management Approach

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Our Vision in Action