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At Teck, we are working to achieve net positive impact on biodiversity in areas affected by our activities.

Biodiversity and our Sustainability Strategy

Biodiversity is a key focus for our comprehensive sustainability strategy, which sets out short-term goals to 2020 and long-term goals to 2030 in six sustainability areas: Community, Our People, Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Climate Change and Air.


Our Vision in Action

  • Teck uses video technology to build biodiversity plan near its Quebrada Blanca Operations Biodiversity
  • Safe Haven – Protecting Vulnerable Species in Chile Biodiversity
  • Partnering to Maintain and Protect Outdoor Recreation Near Cardinal River Operations Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity Balance: Measuring our Net Positive Impact Biodiversity
  • Protecting Grizzly Bears near our Cardinal River Operations Biodiversity
  • Reclamation Example: Reclamation Research at Fording River and Greenhills Biodiversity
  • Reclamation Example: Saving Soil at Greenhills Biodiversity
  • Mapping the Migration of Harlequin Ducks Biodiversity
  • Population of Threatened Caribou Herd Triples Thanks to Penning Program Biodiversity
  • Collecting Seeds and Creating Opportunity at Red Dog Biodiversity
  • Relearning to Fly Biodiversity
  •  Photographing Flora and Fauna Biodiversity
  • Soil Reclamation in the Elk Valley Biodiversity
  • Caribou Penning Program Helps Recovery of Threatened Klinse-Za Herd Biodiversity
  • Catch and Relocate Fish Program at Red Dog Biodiversity
  • Conserving Land in the East Kootenays Biodiversity
  • Working Together to Protect the Woodland Caribou Biodiversity
  • Sheep Sharing: Teck Transplants Bighorn Sheep Across North America Biodiversity
  • Restoring the Pinchi Lake Mine Site Biodiversity
  • Bluebird Watching at Highland Valley Copper Biodiversity
  • Sustainability Throughout the Life Cycle at Polaris Mine Biodiversity
  • Rehabilitation of Lands at the Lennard Shelf Pillara Mine Biodiversity
  • From a Mined Pit to a Thriving Trout Habitat Biodiversity
  • Management and Performance in Biodiversity and Reclamation

    Management and Performance in Biodiversity and Reclamation

    Our management and performance related to anticipating and minimizing impacts on species and ecosystems.

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    Responsible Mine Closure & Reclamation

    Responsible Mine Closure & Reclamation
    We begin planning for responsible mine closure begins before mining even starts, and that work carries on throughout the lifecycle of the operation, in cooperation with Indigenous peoples and local communities.
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    Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with business units focused on copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy.