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Biodiversity and Reclamation

At Teck, we are working to achieve net positive impact on biodiversity in areas affected by our activities.

Biodiversity and our Sustainability Strategy

Biodiversity and reclamation is one of our eight strategic themes along with: health and safety, climate change, our people, water, tailings management, communities and Indigenous Peoples, and responsible production. Our sustainability strategy has long-term strategic priorities and shorter-term sustainability goals.

Strategic Priority:

Work towards securing a net positive impact on biodiversity


By 2025, all operating sites have and are implementing plans to secure net positive impact.

Management and Performance in Biodiversity and Reclamation

Management and Performance in Biodiversity and Reclamation

Our management and performance related to anticipating and minimizing impacts on species and ecosystems.

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Responsible Mine Closure & Reclamation

Responsible Mine Closure & Reclamation
We begin planning for responsible mine closure begins before mining even starts, and that work carries on throughout the lifecycle of the operation, in cooperation with Indigenous peoples and local communities.
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Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, steelmaking coal and zinc, as well as investments in energy assets.