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Practically everything around you that isn’t born or grown is mined. The toothpaste you use every morning, the roads you drive on, and the screen you’re reading this on right now all contain minerals extracted from the ground. But as our climate warms and humans race for sustainable solutions, many have questioned the ongoing role mines have to play. How will mining help us hit our emissions targets by 2050? How will we sustainably mine enough copper for all the electric cars? If you’re curious about mining and want to understand more about Why We Mine, this podcast from Teck is for you.

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Episode 6 Episode 6: Better Than We Found It

May 3, 2023


  • Carleigh Whitman, Director, Environment, Teck
  • Daniel Desjarlais, Sales and Marketing Manager, Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery
  • Jillian Lennartz, Manager Sustainability Reporting, Teck (“Jill from Teck”)



How does the mining industry ensure it builds strong relationships with communities and Indigenous Peoples, respects human rights, and creates lasting benefits in the regions where it operates? In this episode, we explore the many ways mining companies co


Water is an essential resource for people, communities and the environment, and it’s also critical to the mining process. In this episode, we highlight the innovative ways the mining industry approaches water use, from groundwater-scarce regions of Chile


Copper has long been used in cooking, roofing, and making beautiful jewelry. It’s also a key component in the transition to an electrified future, and its antimicrobial superpower is the focus of scientific study.


The future is here. It’s emerging faster than we can keep up. With the outsized growth in electric vehicles, the demand for more resources to power them, and the challenges with charging everything from cars to fleets of buses, the world is at an energy c


When was the last time you stopped to think about all of the components that make up every single product you use each day?

Our Host

Robin Stickley (she/her) is an award-winning broadcast journalist you’ve most likely seen on your television. Beginning in 1999, Robin worked her way to the anchor desk for local news stations in Vancouver before joining Global National as a foreign correspondent out of Washington D.C and as a long-format journalist for Global’s documentary unit. Before stepping away from news into maternity leave, Robin could be found anchoring Global BC’s primetime news program out of Vancouver. 

Robin has covered major news events throughout her career, from Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombings to the landfall of Hurricane Sandy in New York City. You can now find Robin hosting the “Why We Mine” podcast, guiding listeners on a journey towards a sustainable future that includes mining at the forefront. 

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“I am looking forward to hosting this series of important conversations about mining in the modern world. This is a rare opportunity for me and the audience to get answers to some big questions. How is the industry defining its own role in a greener world”

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