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Teck Public Access Boundaries

For your safety and ours, please observe the no entry, no hunting and no shooting boundaries at Teck’s Coal operations.

Castle Mountain Exploration Program

Teck received a multi-year area based (MYAB) permit from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources to conduct exploration work in the Castle Mountain area south of existing operations at Fording River. Fording River Operation is located approximately 29 kilometres northeast of the community of Elkford, in southeastern British Columbia. It is one of Teck’s five steelmaking coal operations in the Elk Valley.

In 2018, the exploration work will consist of opening 40 km of existing roads, building 6 km of new road, constructing 37 drilling pads, as well as collection of baseline environmental data.  The construction phase of the project is scheduled to begin in Mid-September and be completed in Mid-November. The permit expires on August 24, 2023. 

Castle Mountain is located within the Chauncey Todhunter Access Management Area (AMA). Teck is committed to maintaining non-motorized public access to the AMA during exploration activities whenever possible. We have created an access management plan to enable safe public access to the area during exploration and will work closely with local recreational groups to ensure the plan is understood and effective.

Our goal is that the majority of the area will remain open to the public, however access will be restricted in the immediate vicinity of the active drill sites and below road construction areas as a safety precaution.

Closures will be communicated at the information kiosks at both the North and South access points to the Castle Mountain area, as well as by temporary signage at any access points to the active work area.

Teck will also have information on access changes updated on this page.

Teck will have a safety coordinator on site during daylight hours who can answer any questions the public may have about safe access. Safety is a core value at Teck; if at any time we feel there is a risk to the public or our workers, we will work with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development to ensure people’s safety by updating the restricted area.

For more information regarding Teck’s Castle Mountain Exploration Program, please contact Teck’s Social Responsibility office in Sparwood (116 Centennial Street) or leave a message on the community Teck feedback toll-free line at 1-855-806-6854, and your call will be returned or feedback can be sent to feedbackteckcoal@teck.com.

Access Status: Coal Mountain Phase 2

Coal Mountain Phase 2 Lands are open as of September 20, 2017
Coal Mountain Phase 2 project is now in care and maintenance phase.

We recognize there is a strong public interest in accessing this area and as a result we have decided to remove the No Unauthorized Entry, no shooting, no hunting boundary from this private land, which is located in the Wheeler Creek drainage area off Corbin Road. Thank you to all those who have contacted us on this subject.
Some roads will remain closed due to safety concerns over geotechnical instability.

Roads within this backcountry property are not maintained for public traffic, access and entry is at your own risk. Please recognize that if in the future Teck decides to resume use of this land, access could be closed at that time.
For further updates please email feedbackteckcoal@teck.com or call 1.855.806.6854.

Road Status: Coal Leach Road to Corbin Road

Coal Leach Road is open as of June 18, 2019.

A seasonal closure will be in place on Coal Leach Road at the 82.5km marker near Corbin Road during spring melt each year. 

The road will remain closed until water is no longer flowing over the road. Access from Corbin Road to Coal Leach Road will not be possible during this time. This will be an annual seasonal closure to protect fish populations in the Michel Creek, which flows over the road at times of high water. Gates have been placed on Coal Leach Road on either side of the Michel Creek bridge and will be locked during this closure period.

Teck recognizes that this access road is used by a number of people and that the closure may cause inconvenience – we thank you for your patience during this time.

At all times, please be aware that this road is a private industrial road and access is at your own risk. The road is not maintained for public traffic. Teck will give notice of road closures wherever possible.

If you have any questions, please leave a message at 1.855.806.6854 or feedbackteckcoal@teck.com

 Further updates will be posted on this webpage.


Cardinal River Operations, near Hinton, AB

Public access maps and status updates are available by visiting the public access page of our Cardinal River Operations.  



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