Water Policy

Teck recognizes that access to water is a human right and water is essential to stakeholders in the watersheds where we operate.  Teck is committed to protect water and the life it sustains by being an industry leader in water stewardship.  Teck will:

  • Apply consistently strong and transparent water governance;
  • Manage water at operations efficiently and effectively, and
  • Collaborate to achieve responsible and sustainable water use.

We will integrate the cost and value of water into business decisions including project development, business planning, and closure planning activities.  We will proactively assess water risks in our supply chain and value chain.

We are committed to the safe, efficient, and sustainable use, reuse, management, treatment, and discharge of water.  We will drive water conservation and efficiency improvements at our operations.  We will monitor our water performance, set targets, and report publically on progress against these targets.  We will build resiliency to the variability of climate and extreme events into our operations and logistics.  We will engage proactively with stakeholders in the watersheds where we operate.  We will provide access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for all of our employees.

We will strive for continual improvement by developing and investing in water technology and innovation, developing water expertise internally and externally, and engaging proactively in water-related public policy and regulatory developments.

This policy is supported by our Health, Safety, Environment, and Community Management Standards and other internal guidance and will be regularly reviewed and updated as required.