Little Tern: The Conservation of An Endangered Species in Chile

July 29, 2023

At Teck, sustainability is a core value, and we work hard to ensure the wellbeing of the people, communities, and lands we’re entrusted with.

Part of that work involves helping to preserve the unique flora and fauna of north-central Chile including the Little Tern, an endangered seabird. The Little Tern nests in a wide area across Chile and Peru, and its population is under threat due to activities related to industry and tourism.

Our conservation and management plan includes a program to reduce threats and protect the habitats of the Little Tern, specifically on Ike-Ike beach in the Tarapacá Region, where 80 hectares has been leased as a conservation area that includes signage about the project.

To read more about our sustainability strategy, including our goal to be a nature positive company by 2030, click here.


First Published on July 29, 2023