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RACE Impact: Integrating to Improve Performance Across the Supply Chain

November 21, 2022

As an essential ingredient in making steel, steelmaking coal is an important part of our modern world, helping to build everything from infrastructure like hospitals, bridges and schools to everyday household items.

Conceived in late 2018 and expanded upon through Teck’s RACE program, the Steelmaking Coal Supply Chain Integrated Operations project helps improve visibility across the supply chain for our steelmaking coal business unit.

Teck’s operations in the Elk Valley are among the world’s lowest carbon intensity producers of steelmaking coal. Through digital planning applications that better connect operations with logistics, teams are reducing costs and maximizing throughput between our steelmaking coal operations and the recently upgraded Neptune Bulk Terminals in Vancouver, Canada.

Steelmaking coal components are blended at the port before the products are loaded onto the appropriate vessel. Our digital tools ensure the correct coal components reach the right port for proper blending, resulting in products that meet customer specifications. They also provide important decision support by optimizing the vessel and train lineup to ensure customers receive their products efficiently.

Integrated operations improvements like this, made possible by RACE, contributed to $150 million in benefits to Teck from 2019-2021.

Above: The Coal Supply Chain Integrated Operations project helps better connect operations with logistics and marketing, ensuring visibility across the entire coal supply chain.


First Published on November 21, 2022