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Teck Provides Update on Mamit Lake Facility

Logan Lake, B.C. – Teck Highland Valley Copper is providing the below update on the Mamit Lake Dam near Highland Valley Copper: 

As a result of unusually high water levels the spillway at the Mamit Lake Dam south of Logan Lake, B.C., has been damaged. The dam is unrelated to mining and used to manage agricultural water flows and sustain fish habitat. The extent of the damage is not known as the structure is still experiencing high flows.

All emergency authorities have been notified and residents and communities are being notified. In the event of a failure, there would likely be an increase in already existing flood conditions in the area downstream. The Lower Nicola Indian Band and Lower Nicola are the primary communities affected both of which are already dealing with flood conditions. 

The facility is owned and operated by the Lower Nicola Indian Band, and monitored and maintained under an agreement by Teck Highland Valley Copper (HVC). This is a non-mining facility that is located downstream from HVC and is unrelated to mine operations. The facility was commissioned in 2013 and can be viewed at http://hrcconstruction.com/dams/34-mamit-lake-dam

Media Contact: 
Peter Martell
Superintendent, Environment and Community Affairs
Mobile: 250.572.1394
Office: 250.523.3518

Chris Stannell
Senior Communications Specialist 



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