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We know that our people are our strength, and we place a priority on helping develop skills, knowledge and abilities. Work experiences, training and development programs will ensure that you can meet your career and professional development goals, while working and learning from some of the most experienced people in the natural resources sector.

Building Strength with People

We take pride in hiring the best employees - employees whose energy and skills help to build phenomenal teams. Teamwork is essential to success, whether it be with fellow employees, clients, or other businesses. We expect that all Teck employees embrace the concept of strength through both individual performance and teamwork.

Our performance management program Building Strength with People reinforces this concept. The program helps to align employee’s career goals with the needs of the company, and has two key components: performance improvement and employee development.

Employees meet with their supervisor annually to discuss career development, future job opportunities and career options. The supervisor and employee have regular discussions about progress and commitment toward achieving objectives and development plans.

Employees set performance objectives annually that help the company achieve business and operational goals. The supervisor provides ongoing feedback and guidance to ensure that the employee succeeds in achieving objectives.

Professional Development

Professional development is a priority. We provide our employees a supportive atmosphere in which to excel and contribute. Our professional development programs are well established to help you achieve professional milestones.

Our four-year Professional-in-Training program provides on-the-job training and development specific to a number of professional disciplines including engineering, geosciences, and technician/technology. In some cases, professionals are assigned to different operations to gain further experience. A crucial component of this program is the opportunity to participate in developmental rotations which will expose you to different management and leadership styles, to diverse operational cultures and, in select cases, to the international work environment.

The Professional-in-Training Program is structured so that you can achieve your professional certification requirements in the province that you are registered.

We encourage and support the professional development of our employees through memberships in industry and technical associations. We cover the cost of many professional memberships that offer access to educational and technical resources of relevance to an employee’s position in order for them to excel in their area of expertise.

Leadership Development

Each of our operations and office locations provides programs to support the development of quality supervisory and leadership skills in our employees. Together, we are aiming to develop a common understanding of leadership at Teck.

The objective of this program is for every employee at Teck to have a great supervisor.

Leading for the Future is targeted to those who are currently supervising employees on the front line of Teck's business. At many sites, this translates to titles such as Foremen, Senior Foremen, Seniors, Team Leaders, and Supervisors.

The objective of this program is to set ourselves up for long-term excellence.

Leading for Excellence is aimed at people who are currently managing other managers. At many sites this translates to Superintendents, Managers and General Foremen etc.

At Teck we believe that every employee deserves a great supervisor. With this in mind, our Leadership Development programs were created for anyone who manages people at Teck.

Leadership Programs cover a number of topics important to all levels of leadership. Topics and areas of study include, leadership development, succession planning, personal development and interpersonal communications.

Launched in 2007, Teck’s Emerging Leaders program seeks to develop the capacities of employees who are on a track to reaching key senior positions in the company. The program aims to:

  • Broaden understanding and knowledge of our business
  • Deepen understanding and commitment to our business strategies and values
  • Enhance leadership capabilities

Educational Advancement

We understand that people want to grow, learn and develop throughout their careers. We want all our employees to fulfill their potential and achieve their career aspirations and we support additional studies to help you reach these goals.

Our employees have the opportunity to study a language relevant to their area of work using the Rosetta Stone program, the world's leading language-learning software.

We offer graduate level business courses through our Business Education Program in partnership with Simon Fraser University.

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration: Established in 1996, this program consists of MBA-level courses relevant to our business needs:

  • Financial Management
  • Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness
  • The Economic Basis of Managerial Decision-making
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Business, Community and Government
  • Commercial Law

In September 2008, we launched our internal MBA program. Eligible employees can work towards completing their MBAs while continuing to work full-time.

Our Educational Assistance program is designed to keep our employees on the cutting edge of their field and provide them with the necessary skills to advance their career. We encourage our employees to upgrade their educational background, knowledge and skills through training and education courses. We provide financial assistance for approved courses.

Technical Development

If you are looking for a technical career, then consider working at one of our research facilities. We have research facilities in Toronto, Vancouver and Trail, B.C.

Our long history of technical excellence is evident in the many innovative technologies that our people have developed.

Teck has a technical career progression that will develop your ability to apply basic scientific knowledge, resolve technical problems and participate in the enhancement and development of new products and technologies.

If you thrive in an environment where becoming a technical specialist and influencing the technical direction of the company appeals to you, then talk to us about career opportunities.


Apprentices at Teck's Canadian operations work in a variety of trades training programs, including heavy-duty mechanic, millwright and electrician. Through an innovative program developed by Teck and the College of the Rockies, trades apprentices are indentured by the College, allowing them to gain practical experience at Teck's steelmaking coal operations as well as with other employers in the region.

Teck Logo

Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with business units focused on copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy.