Grow at Teck

We believe in supporting and investing in our employees so they can see the world and change it.

Through various rich work experiences, professional mentorship, training and development programs, our employees gain the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to prepare for the next stage of their careers or explore new ones at Teck.

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You want to hone your leadership skills. We want to help you.

Conversation is essential to achieving goals. We emphasize meeting regularly with employees to discuss career aspirations and opportunities for growth and change.  

With a leadership team of some of the most experienced people in the natural resource sector, we can offer guidance and mentorship to employees throughout their career development, ensuring they reach their full potential.


Business Education Program

In partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, we offer graduate-level business courses through our Business Education Program. These include Master of Business Administration (MBA)-level courses relevant to work-life at Teck and lead to a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA).

Executive MBA Program

Also, in partnership with Beedie School of Business, Teck’s internal MBA program enables employees to work toward their Executive MBA (EMBA) designation while working full time. This EMBA program is open to nominated graduates of the GDBA program.


We encourage and support employees’ efforts to maintain their skills designations, e.g., geoscientists, engineers, software developers, etc.

In-House Training & Development

Apprenticeships and Skilled Trades Training Programs

Teck is committed to investing in these important positions and people by recognizing skilled tradespeople – such as heavy-duty mechanics and industrial electricians – who play critical and valued roles in mining operations. We offer various in-house apprenticeship and training programs across our operations to help bolster our ranks of qualified tradespeople.

Professional-in-Training Program

Teck’s four-year Professional-in-Training Program (PITP) provides on-the-job training and development specific to many professional disciplines, including engineering, geosciences and technician/technology. A crucial component of this program is the opportunity to participate in developmental rotations, exposing program participants to different management and leadership styles, diverse operational cultures and, in select cases, to an international work environment.

Leadership Development Programs

Supporting today's leaders and cultivating the leaders of tomorrow is key to ensuring Teck's success and reputation as a top employer. We deliver five company-wide leadership development programs that target talent from frontline supervisors and managers to high-potential new and emerging business leaders and senior leaders poised to take the helm. - Leading for the Future - Leading for Excellence - Leadership Essentials - Leading Together - Emerging Leaders Program

Online Training Programs

Teck partners with online learning platforms to support online learning across the business on various content, spanning business education, leadership and applications training.


As one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People, we relish any opportunity to attract and develop young talent. Each year, Teck offers paid opportunities to co-op students from universities and other post-secondary institutions for structured work terms of eight months or more. A Teck Co-op will enhance your academic program and deliver meaningful hands-on job experience in your area of interest.