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Working Remotely: Adapting to a New Environment

Working Remotely: Adapting to a New Environment

Employees from across Teck share their experience of adapting to working remotely.

“It was important to see Teck implement the remote work measure because we are able to keep our families, our communities and our country safe. For me, the transition has been fairly easy. Each day, I continue to adapt to using the technology available to help me plan and organize my projects. I have found these tools particularly useful for team collaboration, allowing me to work closely with those coordinators who remain on site. While physically apart, together we are able to achieve our objectives and support the operation." - Paulina Puentes, Coordinator, Environment, Teck Carmen de Andacollo


“To be successful during the transition to remote work, I have found that it is important to have patience and understanding for the situation and for one another. As we are working under new conditions and facing new obstacles in our professional and personal lives, there may be delays and communication challenges. Having a positive attitude, focusing on solutions and coming together as a team will help us persevere through this difficult time.” - Carlos Soto, Accounting Supervisor, Red Dog Operations


“The best part of working from home is that I get to spend a lot of time with my son and wife, which I was not doing prior to working from home. We are in the process of moving to Vancouver from Calgary, and I was commuting to Vancouver from Monday to Friday and returning home for the weekends. The most difficult part of the transition to remote work has been my wife and I stepping into the role of full-time teacher for our son, while both of us maintaining full-time jobs." - Ryan Aucoin, Manager, Fin Modeling Value Capture, RACE21™


“I’m part of the engineering team at EVO that’s required to be on site. Physical distancing is providing a great learning experience in more regularly using technology already in place. We typically take for granted the fact that it takes two seconds to walk over to someone's office and get an answer. Now, to be sure we keep each other safe and healthy, we call or share desktop screens more often to come to the same answer or conclusion.” - Taylor Greer, Drill & Blast Engineer, Elkview Operations