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A look at the rapid response of the TDS group

TDS By the Numbers

The Teck Digital System (TDS) group is well accustomed to responding to urgent requests, skilfully working behind the scenes to ensure swift and smooth resolutions.

On March 13, TDS received notice that they would need to support the transition of thousands of Teck employees to remote work over the course of just a few days. TDS rose to the challenge and, working at all hours of the day and night, the team delivered on this business-critical need. The success of this massive undertaking demonstrated teamwork, determination and commitment to excellence. Here are just a few highlights from TDS’s outstanding work.

  • 4,000 voice calls per day
  • 980% increase in VPN connectivity with approximately 300 users per day pre-COVID-19 to over 3,000 connections to Teck’s network
  • 6,450 deployments of Microsoft Teams in one week
  • 200% increase in the use of hardware used to improve security for internet-facing applications
  • 200% growth in network bandwidth  
  • 2,719 users migrated to Microsoft Exchange online