Message from Our President and CEO Don Lindsay

Thank You

Many thanks to those who contributed to and participated in this issue of Connect: Carlos Soto, Accounting Supervisor, Red Dog Operations; Ryan Aucoin, Manager, Fin Modeling Value Capture, RACE21™, Vancouver office; Paulina Puentes, Coordinator, Environment, Teck Carmen de Andacollo; Taylor Greer, Drill & Blast Engineer, Elkview Operations; Mike Dermer, Director, Infrastructure, Vancouver office; Mathew Bennett, Supervisor Maintenance Processing, Greenhills Operations; James Fortune, Engineer in Training, Greenhills Operations; Curtis Pynnaken, Processing Supervisor, Greenhills Operations; Lindsey Deluca, Senior Engineer, Supervisor, Maintenance, Elkview Operations; Kyle Matter, Lead Operating Excellence, Greenhills Operations; Stephanie Cote, Specialist Operating Excellence, Fording River Operations; Patrick Lidster, Buyer, Materials, Sparwood office; Dan Myck, Engineering Superintendent, Elkview Operation; Rebecca Edwards, Communications Coordinator, Community and Government Affairs, Sparwood office; Jayne Garry, Community Relations Leader, Public Relations, Trail Operations; Kayleigh Montgomery, Lead, Social Responsibility, Community and Government Affairs, Sparwood office; Tammy Ogden, Community Liaison, Community and Government Affairs, Sparwood office; Laura Orenga de Gaffory, Communication and Engagement Coordinator, Public Relations, Red Dog Operations; Jacqui Schneider, Senior Community Affairs Officer, Highland Valley Copper; Carol Vanelli Worosz, Community Engagement Leader, Public Relations, Trail Operations

On the Cover

Teck’s “Take Heart” banner campaign to show support for frontline workers


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