Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Journey: Informing the Next Phase

Our Health and Safety Journey: Informing the Next Phase

Safety is a core value at Teck, and we continue to work towards achieving our vision of everyone going home safe and healthy every day.

More than 7,800 employees and contractors from across all levels and locations at Teck participated in Teck’s 2019 Health and Safety Culture Survey. The feedback, including thousands of written comments and suggestions, has provided a wealth of information, both on areas where we have made real progress and where we must continue to improve.

Teck completed its first safety culture survey in 2016, the results of which were used to develop CSL4—Exploring our Culture of Safety, as well as to refine other aspects of our health and safety strategy, including the new hazard identification training program currently being implemented.

Given the tremendous response to the 2019 survey, analysis is still underway and will take some time. In the coming months, the results will be analyzed and then key takeaways—both strengths and opportunities—will be shared across Teck.