Health and Safety

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

While changing a tire at Greenhills Operations in 2019, an incident occurred that nearly took the life of one our contracting partners.

In this video, we outline the series of events that led to this potential fatal occurrence, key contributing factors and lessons learned, so that we can help prevent a similar incident from happening again. 

“As a learning organization, Teck not only works hard to maximize incident investigation learnings internally, we also express our core value in health and safety by sharing these learnings both inside and outside our industry. 

The response to sharing the GHO incident animation publicly has been amazing. We’ve had close to 25,000 views on one platform alone and the recognition of Teck’s leadership in the area of incident sharing has been exceptional. Several people have contacted me to let me know that they have started checking their tire management practices to help prevent a similar incident in their business.”

– Lawrence Watkins, Vice President, Health and Safety