Health and Safety

Supporting Mental Health at Teck

Every employee is encouraged to reach out, particularly if they are—or feel someone else is—struggling or in need of support.

At Teck, we work with a sense of personal responsibility and genuine care for our people—and that includes supporting the mental health of our employees and their loved ones.

If you, a family member, a loved one or a colleague is struggling with mental health, experiencing feelings of depression, stress or anxiety, or need support services, there are always resources available to help. Teck’s employee and family assistance programs provide all employees and their families with a range of support services, digital mental health and wellness support, crisis counselling and/or referrals to community resources. These services are immediate, confidential and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.




Where required, passwords to access, as well as more information on these programs, is available on connect.teck, under HR > Compensation and Benefits.

To support our ongoing commitment to mental health and well-being, Teck also offers a variety of extended health benefits for each region where we operate, including mental health webinars, crew talks, training sessions, peer support and counselling programs. To learn more, or for any questions about mental health resources and benefits available to you at your Teck location, employees are encouraged to contact your HR local representative.


Recognizing Excellence: Selfless Supporter of Mental Health

Teck’s Excellence Awards program is an important part of how we recognize the outstanding achievements, innovations and leadership of employees from across every level and area of our business. Learn more about the most recent Excellence Awards winners and the work they were recognized for in the special publication, Recognizing Excellence at Teck.

Below is a profile from ‘Recognizing Excellence at Teck’ on Scott Casey, Excellence Award winner in the Unsung Hero category, highlighting his leadership in mental health initiatives.  

Scott Casey, Haulage Truck Operator, has done exceptional work both on and off the job. At Highland Valley Copper (HVC) Operations, Scott has been a champion for mental health with his work as part of the Mental Health Committee, putting in numerous hours on- and off-site. Scott is also a key member of the guiding coalition for the autonomous haulage initiative at HVC, where he draws on his experience to provide feedback on how the project can be improved.

On top of his involvement with many initiatives at HVC, Scott is highly involved in organizations outside of Teck. As a U.N. Veteran, he established Military Minds, which helps veterans find help for issues such as PTSD, and he is involved with Veterans of Steel, a program within the International United Steelworkers Union.

Geoff Brick, former General Manager, HVC (now retired), commented: “It is quite humbling to know Scott’s story and to comprehend his passion and dedication to both improving mental health and the performance of HVC. Scott is a doer; he cannot stand by and let concerns go unresolved.”

“Scott does the things he does in a selfless and sincere manner with complete empathy and a desire to help anyone and everyone he can,” said Jason Arnold, Equipment Operator. “He would never seek any kind of recognition for anything he does, but if anyone is worthy of recognition, it is him.”