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Five Things to Know from Teck Digital Systems: Staying Cyber Secure

We all have a role to play in keeping our personal information and Teck’s systems safe.

The Teck Digital Systems (TDS) Cyber Security team works to protect our corporate and operational systems from internal and external risks such as virus attacks, network outages and costly repairs. 

Here are five tips from the Cyber Security team to improve your cyber security and to ensure that you, your family and our corporate and operational systems are protected online:


  1. Be careful when opening unexpected email, whether received to a Teck email account or to a personal account accessed on a Teck device, and particularly those that contain attachments. Never open an attachment from someone you don’t know. 

  2. Do not click on or download anything suspicious, such as email attachments or files you encounter through search engine (e.g., Google, Bing) queries.

  3. Understand how to recognize risks. Be mindful of websites that look or feel different than they usually do and of any links found on these pages, particularly if accessed through a result of a search engine query. On a desktop, hover your mouse over a link before clicking to see the true destination or, if on a mobile device, press and hold the link to see the true destination.

  4. Be cautious of emails from vendors changing mailing or banking information, or internal requests that seem unusual (e.g., untimely payroll changes, requests for gift cards from senior management). If you have any concerns, always verify payment changes or purchase requests by phone or in person.

  5. Ensure your software and operating system are up to date. Security patches are built into software updates and will attempt to steer you away from malicious sites. In response to cyber threats, TDS will be updating employee devices (laptops, mobile devices and tablets) more frequently. 

If you receive a suspicious or questionable email, please click the “Report Phishing” button in the upper right corner of Outlook. This will forward the email to the Cyber Security Incident Response Team for investigation.

If you have already clicked on a suspicious attachment or link, or, suspect you have found a malicious webpage through a web search, please contact the Service Desk immediately for assistance.

By working in partnership with these experts and following best practices in cyber safety, you can help keep Teck secure.