Innovation and Technology

Digital Learning Series

Are you familiar with terms like “virtual reality”, “big data”, and “machine learning”? What about “agile product development”? 

These are just some of the key terms and concepts that are foundational to the work underway as part of Teck’s RACE21™ business transformation program. RACE21™’s Digital Learning Series does a deep dive into what these terms and concepts mean and how they apply to work at Teck. 


Agile Product Development 
Agile product development is a flexible, team-based approach to a development process, allowing for frequent communication and real-time pivots in production goals. 

Big Data
Big data is a massive collection of valuable digital information that is only accessible through cutting-edge software. 

Machine Learning
Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence in which a computer is trained to learn from past events. 


User Experience (UX)
User experience (UX) is the customer’s physical or digital interaction with a company, its services or products. 


Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is an immersive digital environment accessed through wearable technology and controllers.