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What is RACE21™?

What is RACE21™?

RACE21™ is Teck’s business transformation program that will deliver significant value by 2021.

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We will do this by modernizing our technology foundation, accelerating our automation and robotics program, connecting our data systems to enable advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and empowering our employees.

For Teck this means transforming how we mine to reduce operating costs and significantly improve safety, sustainability and productivity.

For our people this means timely, insightful information for better decision making and complex problem solving, as well as fewer routine decisions.

For our shareholders this means generating significant EBITDA improvements.

In the end a step change in our performance will help Teck remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

RACE21™ aims to deliver:

  • Improvements in safety with fewer people in high-risk environments

  • Increased productivity through new technologies and innovation

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Significant value in annualized EBITDA improvements

RACE21™ Explained

For more about RACE21™, including success stories, videos and resources, visit connect.teck>Resources>RACE21™.