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Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) is redefining mining at Teck through integration and innovation

The global mining industry faces a number of challenges, from declining ore grades and increasing energy requirements to growing community expectations and stricter regulations.

It has resulted in the emergence of technological disruption as companies turn towards automation and digitization to not only help address these challenges, but also improve safety performance and achieve efficiencies in a sustainable way.

Because QB2 is more of a greenfield project—with the opportunity to reimagine how the operation will run—it is leveraging both new and proven technology applications in use at other Teck operations and elsewhere around the world, that will make it Teck’s most innovative and integrated operation when it begins production in the second half of 2021.

“We’re incorporating a range of technology solutions to further improve safety, sustainability, productivity, reduce costs, as well as further improve workforce planning including inclusion and diversity,” says Dale Webb, General Manager, Operational Readiness. “At QB2 we see integration of technology, process and people as the foundation of how we work—it will power our success by allowing us to be more creative, flexible and adaptable.”

Here are just a few examples of how that’s being applied at QB2.

IOC Promotes a Collaborative Environment and Improved Decision-Making

QB2 will be the first operation at Teck to incorporate a remote Integrated Operations Centre (IOC). Located in Santiago, the IOC will bring together all the resources and data necessary for centralized decision making to help achieve better operational performance. Among the main benefits identified for QB2 are improved integration and flexibility, a more inclusive workforce, a safer work environment and increased productivity.

“Collaboration and access to real-time information are the keys to a modern and successful organization,” says Mario Ortiz, Manager, Integrated Operations. “Having a physical location that promotes this type of culture and that gives us such an integrated and holistic view of the operation will be key to QB2’s future success.”

Renew Business Systems Initiative: Piloting Best-in-Class Systems at QB2

The operational needs of QB2 are also the initial focus of—and a key business driver for—the development of the Renew Business Systems initiative, an initiative that will see the implementation and integration of applications for Asset Management and Maintenance; Human Resources; Health, Safety, Environment and Community; Finance and Cost Management; and Contingent Worker Management.

“The Renew Business Systems initiative will bring together into an integrated environment many of the critical business applications in use across Teck today,” says Justin Webb, Program Director, Teck Digital Systems. “For QB2, this means that, from the outset, the operation will benefit from a best-in-class system that delivers operational efficiency, improved productivity, and the insight and information our business needs.”

Autonomous Haul Means a Safer, More Efficient Mine

QB2 is expected to start operating with a mixed fleet of traditional and new autonomous haul trucks, with a five-year transition to a fully autonomous fleet. One of the key benefits of autonomous trucks is improved safety performance, since they allow people to be removed from high-risk processes, along with improved operational efficiency and availability of the haulage fleet. Teck will be offering training opportunities on autonomous haulage systems and also has a transition plan that provides opportunities for all workers for the future operation.

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Catherine Adair, Community Relations Leader, Trail Operations; Andrés Castillo, Senior Geologist, Highland Valley Copper; Eric Goss, Superintendent, Maintenance, Quebrada Blanca Phase 2; Mark Helms, Mine Engineer, Mine Technical Department, Red Dog Operations; Rob Klein, Senior Engineer, Projects, Water Quality Management, Sparwood office; Andrea Lobos, Senior Communications Specialist, Santiago office; Andrew Milner, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Technology, Vancouver office; Mario Ortiz, Manager, Integrated Operations, Quebrada Blanca Phase 2; Angelique Rosenthal, Environmental Engineer, Trail Operations; Jackie Scales, Director, Inclusion and Diversity, Vancouver office; Stephanie Shaw, Manager, Human Resources, Teck Chile, Santiago office; Nicole Tapia, Communications Specialist, Corporate Affairs, Vancouver office; Herman Urrejola, Social Responsibility Manager, Teck Chile, Santiago office; Verna Westlake, Community Relations Coordinator, Red Dog Operations

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Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) will develop the deeper sulphide resource underlying the pre-existing Quebrada Blanca operation. To access the QB2 resource, new infrastructure is being constructed now through to 2021. Read more in “QB2: A Next Phase”.


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