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The FAQs around community investment at Teck.

Teck targets strategic community investments in sustainable community development projects and initiatives with both local and global relevance. 

Just how do we do that? Answers to a few of the frequently asked questions around the community investment process can be found below and in the infographic on the next page.

Where does Teck’s community investment program contribute?

We contribute to organizations, institutions and initiatives that strengthen communities in the regions where we operate, as well as national and global initiatives. We focus our contributions in four categories: health, education, environment, 
and community.

What guides Teck’s community investment program?

Our community investment program is guided by the best practices from the International Finance Corporation, London Benchmarking Group and Imagine Canada.

How are Teck’s community investments provided?

Our community investments are provided as funding, in-kind contributions and employee time.

Who is eligible?

Organizations or groups that are registered charities or those that serve a charitable purpose are eligible for community investments from Teck.

How can organizations apply for Teck’s community investments?

All applications must be received through our online application system available at Applications are accepted throughout the year. 

How does Teck make funding decisions?

We conduct an internal review of all requests to assess the alignment of the project with Teck’s business and community priorities. Decisions are made based on the results of the analysis, local needs and available budget. 

In 2016, Teck invested $11.8 million in community investments. Our aim is to donate 1% of annual pre-tax earnings to community investments on a five-year rolling-average basis. For more information on community investment at Teck, visit

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