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Hoop Dreams Come True at Red Dog

Coming from a small rural village in Alaska, travelling to a big city out of state is something residents living near Red Dog Operations don’t necessarily get the chance to experience; however, each year for selected high school students in the region, that opportunity comes knocking at their door.

In part due to the long, dark winters in Alaska, basketball is hugely popular among local young people. So in 2011, Teck helped develop an initiative that rewards students for outstanding performance in school and service in their communities with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see National Basketball Association (NBA) games in major cities across the U.S.

The Red Dog National Basketball Association Program trips generally include between nine and 12 students, and to date have taken students to a variety of locations, including Florida, Texas and most recently New York City, where they watched the New York Knicks play the Detroit Pistons.

In addition to the game, students take part in professional development and cultural activities, guest speaker lectures, visits to college and university campuses and, in some cases, a basketball skills camp. 

One of the founders in establishing the program, Fritz Westlake, Community Relations Coordinator at Red Dog, says a lot of the youth have never travelled outside their region or been on a large aircraft before. The result of this new experience is often culture shock, but participants always adapt quickly, and for many it ends up being a highlight of their high school years.

“Everyone always has an amazing time on these truly unforgettable trips,” says Fritz. “It is really cool to watch the kids grow and become inspired to reach their dreams as a result of this special experience made possible by Teck.” 

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