Health, Safety, Environment and Community Management Standards

Our HSEC Management Standards (Standards) are a framework for the identification and effective management of HSEC issues and risks, and support continual improvement in HSEC programs and performance. The Standards address activities that have the potential to positively or negatively impact the environment, employee health and safety, or the well-being of communities. This includes requirements for general management processes such as planning, training and contractor management, as well as for management processes that relate to a particular aspect of our activities, such as water, human rights, community and Indigenous Peoples. The Standards also provide auditable criteria for evaluating the performance of our HSEC management systems.


Table of Contents


1. Safety, Health and Occupational Hygiene

2. Communities and Indigenous Peoples

3. Human Rights

4. Water, Ecosystems and Biodiversity

5. Materials Stewardship and Energy Efficiency

6. Mining Life Cycle Considerations — Transactions, Development and Closure

7. Contractors and Suppliers

8. Leadership and Commitment

9. Planning and Resources

10 Legal and Other Requirements

11. Risk and Change Management

12. Control of Activities

13. Monitoring — Measurement, Inspection and Audit

14. Preparing for Emergencies

15. Incident investigation, Corrective and Preventive Action

16. Management Review and Continual Improvement

17. Organization, Roles and Responsibilities

18. Training, Awareness and Competence

19. Communication and Reporting

20. Documents and Records