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Inclusion and Diversity

Teck is committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse workplace that recognizes and values difference.

Inclusion and Diversity at Teck

We recognize that our diversity—the many different and unique things we individually and collectively bring to work each day—contributes to building a stronger workforce and makes Teck a better company. As such, we consciously work to create an environment that respects and values the diversity of the people and communities around us.

Our focus on inclusion and diversity aligns with our company’s core values of integrity and respect. It is also explicitly reflected in our Code of Ethics and our Code of Sustainable Conduct.

Our Approach

We are taking steps to strengthen inclusion and diversity at Teck, with a focus on increasing the representation of women and Indigenous Peoples, in order to:

  • Better reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate
  • Contribute to innovation and better decision making through exposure to increased perspectives and ideas
  • Attract a broader pool of candidates and improved employee retention
  • Build a strong workforce that is engaged and contributing to Teck’s social and economic goals

Measures introduced to date include launching a company-wide Inclusion and Diversity Policy, diversity-focused recruitment practices, and programs and training that support the advancement and development of under-represented groups. 

While we have made some progress in increasing diversity in our company, we recognize there is more to be done and are focused on continuing to implement initiatives and support industry programs aimed at building diversity in mining.

Diversity by the Numbers


of employees in operational and technical roles are female


of Teck’s workforce is female, up from 12% in 2011


of employees at our Red Dog Operations in Alaska who are NANA Shareholders


of Teck’s Board of Directors are women

Global Workforce by Geographic Location and Gender

Memberships and partnerships

We have partnered with various local, national and international organizations and programs aimed at supporting increased diversity within our industry and beyond:

  • Minerva Foundation – Face of Leadership Pledge: Teck is a signatory to Minerva’s initiative, signed by B.C.’s largest companies to support of increasing gender diversity
  • Mining Industry Human Resources Council: Teck participates in the Mining Industry Human Resources Council’s Gender Equity in Mining Works program
  • Women in Mining Canada: Teck is part of Women in Mining Canada’s work to develop a national action plan to increase the participation of women in mining.
  • Reconciliation Canada: Teck is a partner with Reconciliation Canada, engaging Canadians in dialogue around the relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians.
  • Indspire Awards: Teck sponsors the Teck Canadian Aboriginal Bursary in partnership with Indspire, helping Indigenous youth achieve their potential.
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs: Teck supports the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), a non-profit society whose mission is to educate, energize and empower female entrepreneurs.
  • UN Women: Teck provided $1 million to support a UN Women initiative to create opportunities for skills development of Indigenous women in northern Chile.
  • UNICEF 25th Team: Teck partnered with UNICEF and the Government of Canada to create and recruit The 25th Team, a network of influential Canadian women committed to saving the lives of children.
  • Educating Girls in Rural China: Teck is a supporter of Educating Girls in Rural China (EGRC) a Canadian charity dedicated to helping young women from rural areas of Western China obtain a high school or university education.
  • Mining and Refining for Women: Teck partnered with Status of Women Canada and the Greater Trail Community Skills Centre to introduce the Mining and Refining for Women program to increase opportunities for women in the mining and resources sector.


Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with business units focused on copper, zinc, steelmaking coal and energy.