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CESL, one of Teck's technology centres, oversees the development of our proprietary hydrometallurgical technology. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, CESL offers a method for treating copper, copper-gold, nickel-copper, and nickel concentrates, especially those with complex challenges related to mineralogy and deleterious elements that inhibit conventional production and sale of concentrates.

CESL Process

CESL has developed hydrometallurgical processes for the production of copper and nickel cathode from their respective concentrates, the economic recovery of gold and silver from the residues, and the removal of copper from molybdenum.

Copper-Arsenic Processing

CESL has developed a process for treating high arsenic bearing copper-sulphide resources from mine-to-metal while producing non-hazardous arsenic bearing residues.

CESL Projects

The first commercial hydrometallurgical facility using CESL Technology was constructed by Vale in the Carajás region of Brazil in 2008.

Metallurgical Testing

CESL’s facilities have a substantial amount of hydrometallurgical equipment for the testing of various processes and flowsheets, including grinding, flotation, pressure leaching, solvent extraction, gravity concentration and electrowinning. In addition to equipment, CESL has its own analytical laboratory to support testing programs, an on-site maintenance and instrumentation team, and a robust safety program.

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