Highland Valley Copper 2040

Teck’s Highland Valley Copper Operations (HVC) is proposing the Highland Valley Copper 2040 Project (HVC 2040) to extend the life of the operation to at least 2040, through an extension of the existing site infrastructure. HVC 2040 allows for the continuation of social and economic benefits, while also helping to meet the growing demand for copper driven by the transition to a low-carbon future. HVC 2040 would yield approximately 1.95 million tonnes of additional copper over the life of the Project.

Engage with Us

We have launched a Project website to facilitate engagement on HVC 2040. Visit hvc2040.teck.com to learn more about the Project and get involved.

The BC Environmental Assessment Office is holding a public comment period on HVC 2040 between October 23 and January 23, 2024. Visit gov.bc.ca/EAOPublicComments to share your thoughts.

Highland Valley Copper 2040

Economic Contributions 
Proceeding with HVC 2040 will sustain an average of 1,300 jobs and is expected to create $435 million in additional GDP during the Construction Phase of the project. 

If approved, HVC 2040 would allow for the continuation of the many social and economic contributions for surrounding communities, helping to attract families to the area and expand employment opportunities in the region. HVC 2040 would also allow HVC to continue to collaborate with Indigenous Governments and Organizations to deliver economic and social contributions, and advance reconciliation efforts.

More information on the additional economic contributions are outlined in the Application filed with the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) in B.C. in October, 2023.

Copper Demand
Demand for copper is expected to double by 2050. This increase in copper demand is driven by factors that include the global transition to a low-carbon future, global population growth, and urbanization. Copper is a vital component in everything from renewable power generation to electric vehicles and smartphones.

Project Location
HVC 2040 would be located at the current HVC site, approximately 17 km west of Logan Lake and 75 km southwest of Kamloops.



Environmental Assessment Process (EA Process)
HVC 2040 is undergoing an environmental assessment under the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act. The purpose of an environmental assessment is to understand and assess the range of potential positive or negative effects that may occur over the life of a project including consideration of the environment, economy, social, health, and culture. The EAO oversees the EA process in B.C. For more information on the EA process and HVC 2040 visit the EAO website.

Get Involved

As HVC advances through the EA process, we are eager to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Your input helps us understand what topics are important to you.

You can submit your comments anytime through:

Feedback can be anonymous. However, if you leave your contact details, we will respond directly to you.

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