Cardinal River Operations (CRO) provides First Nations, local residents and communities of interest with information on the status of our mining operations, including public access. In order to ensure public safety, there are designated access trails (DAT) in and around our Mineral Surface Leases (MSL). DAT provide safe access to areas popular with outdoor enthusiasts and are either designated for off-highway vehicle (OHV) use, non-motorized access (foot or equestrian). Public access maps are available online or from Cardinal River Operations. 

Public access is prohibited in the following areas: 

  • The active mine haul road, unless otherwise accommodated through designated underpasses and crossings,

  • The dividing berm along the western edge of the Grave Flats Road, 

  • Overnight camping and staging, is prohibited in the MSL

Cardinal River Operations hosts an annual meeting to discuss changes to public access in and around the mine. For more information about the annual meeting or public access please contact 1-844-806-6860.

Access Update: Fall 2019

Redcap and MacKenzie Areas: The Powerhouse and Mackenzie Creek designated access trails are temporarily closed. Mining at Cardinal River Operations is scheduled to end in the second half of 2020 including the Mackenzie and Redcap exploration areas. Teck is making this area a priority for reclamation as part of Teck’s efforts on environmental management and land certification.

For updates on Teck, Cardinal River Operations and public access please contact Teck at 1.844.806.6860 or by email:

Grave Flats Road: A section of the Grave Flats Road, approximately 22 kilometers south of Cadomin, along the Cardinal River, is washed out and is not passable. Grave Flats Road is under the jurisdiction of Yellowhead County. Questions about this road are best directed to Yellowhead County. 

Mountain Park Town Site Area (West of the McLeod River): The Designated Access Trail of the Grave Flats Road that provides access to the former Mountain Park area west of the river is closed.

Mountain Park Cemetery Area: Public access to the Mountain Park cemetery is not interrupted by mining activities. 

Prospect Creek Area: Public access into the southwest tributary of Prospect Creek is restricted.

The Prospect Creek DAT is open. Please note that as a portion of this trail crosses through the active Mineral Surface Lease, it is important that all signage is obeyed and users  stay on the DAT. Prospect Creek trail can be used for access to the Drummond Ridge.

Harris and Mackenzie Creek Valleys: Mining activities in the Harris and McLeod pits require temporary access closures for safety. These closures have impacted public access into the Harris and Mackenzie Creek valleys. There are two DAT that provide access into the Harris valley. The northern DAT, which starts at the mouth of Harris Creek near the old rail tressel, is closed due to the Harris mining development. 

In 2014, a clean water diversion was built. The clean water diversion, as well as other mine development, has closed designated access trails to Cadomin Mountain and the Harris valley trails. 

In 2018, CRO built an alternate route to Cadomin Mountain. For information, please call 1-844-806-6860 or email:

In 2019, CRO will continue to develop the Upper Harris area. To accommodate mine development, the Mineral Surface Lease area has changed. Please refer to the access maps for the change in the MSL.

Mile 12 Cabin Staging Area: An interim staging area at the Mile 12 Cabin has replaced the closed Mountain Park Staging Area. This area is 19 kilometres southeast of the historical Mountain Park town site, over the Cardinal Divide. The staging area is clearly marked and infrastructure includes washrooms and 12 camping sites with fire pits. Due to the washout of the Grave Flats Road, approximately 22 kilometers south of Cadomin and along the Cardinal River, access to Mile 12 Cabin Staging Area is via the Pembina River road.