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Coal Mountain Training Campus

July 18, 2023

Coal Mountain Training Campus

In May 2022, Teck introduced the Coal Mountain Training Campus to provide a standardized orientation training program for all new hires with the coal business unit. The comprehensive program spans a week and offers interactive, instructor-led training sessions with a primary focus on health and safety. 

Additionally, new hires requiring specialized training in areas such as compliance or haul truck operation undergo an additional week of training at the Coal Mountain Training Campus.

To foster a deeper understanding of the coal business unit, employees receive training and participate in daily knowledge checks on business fundamentals, including:

  • health and safety

  • mine operations and maintenance

  • water quality management

  • equity, diversity and inclusion

  • human resources

  • finance and operational excellence

  • engineering

  • standard practices and procedures

Since its launch, a total of 17 orientations have been conducted at the al Mountain Training Campus, resulting in the recruitment of 642 new hires, including 388 haul truck operators, 108 tradespeople and 146 people in various other positions. An additional 39 employees have undergone hands-on training to support the coal business unit.

On October 5, 2022, the Coal Mountain Training Campus launched Haul Truck School, which has successfully trained 138 new drivers as of January 2023.

Based on feedback received from new hire surveys, 80% of respondents rate their orientation experience as excellent and acknowledge their enhanced understanding of the vital role steelmaking coal plays in everyday life. Additionally, 93% of respondents rate the emphasis on health and safety as excellent, affirming the critical role the Coal Mountain Training Campus plays in upholding Teck’s core value of health and safety and ensuring everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.

First Published on July 18, 2023